Bunch is a communications and engagement group that helps businesses to connect, inform and inspire people in ways that bring strategy to life.
We do this because we know that highly engaged employees are happier, more productive, provide outstanding customer service, positively influence other employees and have a sense of ownership at work.
That’s why our ambition reaches further than just crafting messages and experiences. We strive to inspire the people who matter most by engaging hearts and minds, because if people don’t feel it, they’ll never believe it. And if they don’t believe it, they’ll never do it!


At Bunch, we think that every organisation, regardless of industry, is in the people business.
Our experience has taught us that the quality of communication within an organisation is the single most important contributor to managing resistance and gaining buy-in to strategic business objectives.
Whether it’s during change, transformation or in a business as usual environment, we believe in making complex messages simple, and simple messages exciting.
We’re here to make sure that engagement with your people is compelling and two-way, because we believe that every employee deserves the opportunity to feel connected at work.


We help to organise strategic thinking and align individual programs of work using an integrated approach to communications and engagement.

We explore and diagnose unique communications challenges and opportunities, providing recommendations and explaining how they can be implemented.

We create content plans, clear and compelling copy and energising videos that can be used to embed change, improve performance and integrate messages throughout organisations.

We plan, produce and execute events, brand experiences, conferences, expos and reward and recognition programs for employees and customers, delivering in full, on time, every time.

We build highly effective and measurable creative campaigns that are brought to life through industry-leading graphic and environment design.

We help to attract great talent by developing a compelling organisational narrative around why employees should choose your business as their preferred place to work.

We deconstruct the employee journey, placing importance on how vision, values and behavioural programs can impact the ability to engage people.

We utilise a range of digital platforms to ensure messages reach desired audiences when and where they need them.

We invest in ensuring that leaders are provided with the skills and tools to contribute to improved employee engagement every day, through facilitated communications workshops and training.


Bunch partners with some of Australia’s most iconic and respected organisations across a range of industries to inform, unite, inspire and delight those who matter most.
We’d love to show off everything we do, but the strategic nature of many of our projects means we can’t put them all on our website. However, we’d love to take you through some of our stories in person. You can get in touch with us here.


We’ve been told by our clients that the breadth and variety of our experience, paired with our ability to deliver on time and within budget, is what makes us great to work with. And we’re proud of that.
These are just some of the organisations and brands that we have been privileged to partner with over the last 20 years.



Chris Cansfield

Managing Director

To be the best, you need a leader who inspires you to achieve greatness. Not only does Chris personally mentor and challenge the Bunch team to perform acrobatic feats of magic when it comes to engagement, he is also the consummate people person. When you meet him, you’ll immediately fall under his spell.

Chris has more than 20 years’ experience in diverse organisations both here and in Europe, and he loves empowering others to step up. With eight marathons under his belt, his focus and mental strength mean he’ll never give up. Let Chris transform your organisation by challenging the way you think, feel and behave.


Luke Hannebery

Business Director

Co-founder Luke is all about relationships and partnering. By bringing best-in-class thought leadership to the table then throwing in out-of-the-box thinking, he helps our clients find new ways to truly connect with their people and stakeholders, powering meaningful and sustained change.

His love for getting to the heart of complex problems, ever-present blue-sky thinking and 20 years of business smarts mean he’s someone you want on your team.

A consummate people person, whether that’s coaching his son’s local under-9 footy club or sitting on the board of mental health charity, Life Again, Luke’s passion for uniting teams, building trust and driving performance, is second to none.


Rowena Horne

Operations Director

Possessing the enviable ability to pull everyone and everything together when it counts, Row is our deliverer and problem-solver extraordinaire. She gets right to the heart of what you need, and then ensure the team serves it up on time, on budget, aiming to exceed expectations at every turn. Her experience spans multiple industries, in everything from sponsorship, marketing, PR, video, fundraising to live events.

Row hates having favourites of anything – books, movie, food – because that rules out more than it keeps in. Which means she’s definitely going to hate us describing her as our MVP…


Kane Lillywhite

Communications Director

Kane has been a storyteller ever since he was a little boy, so it’s of little surprise that he can have a chat with just about anyone (or anything!).

Kane uses his love of culture, words and creating connections to develop communications solutions that provide the best outcome for people and organisations. With experience in corporate, government and agency roles, Kane delivers communications breadth for our clients that only comes after leading the function across different business sectors.

If you get a chance, ask him about his earlier life as a professional tennis chair umpire or his dabble in reality television!


Paul Edwards

Creative Director

Originally an advertising copywriter, Paul escaped to the world of brand experience over 20 years ago.

Since then, he has helped some of the world’s best-known brands find unexpected ways to communicate, connect and engage with audiences of every size and type.

An avid reader and wannabe wine-buff, he believes in the power of simplicity and curiosity, that the future is a journey built on trust and, reflecting his African roots, in the concept of Ubuntu (a Zulu word that literally translates to “I am; because of you”) – a universal interconnectedness that binds us all together.


Glyn Wallens

Client Strategy Director

Glyn is the linchpin who encourages you to think a little bigger and then actually make it happen, but what more would you expect from a man who’s kayaked amongst icebergs in Antarctica….?

Connecting ideas to reality, he uses end-to-end organisational thinking to drive capability and change across people, process and technology. He partners clients with our team ensuring we mobilise our optimum resources to best meet goals.

With years of experience in corporate businesses across sales, marketing, strategy and logistics in Australia, UK and Asia Pacific region, Glyn is passionate about transformation; specialising in bringing people together to convert strategic thinking into on-the-ground changes.


Matt Hannebery

Finance Director

Co-founder Matt has been building businesses for more than 25 years. An experienced operator, he knows that the key to business success is your people. Quite simply, they matter. For him, that means being a team player and caring for others, and making sure that every financial deal he makes is based on fairness for all parties.

Proud of the role Bunch plays in helping businesses and people, he’s all about setting up financial foundations for growth and continuing expansion, while juggling that with his love for AFL footy. Oh, and he really loves it when you pay quickly!



If you’re ready to take engagement with your employees and customers to the next level, or just want to explore how we can help, talk to us!

Email, call or drop by for a coffee (the alley next door is South Melbourne’s best kept secret, especially if you fancy a burger or a tipple)!

Rowena Horne, Operations Director
e: rowenah@bunch.com.au


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