Bunch is a communications and engagement group that helps businesses to connect, inform and inspire people in ways that bring strategy to life.
We do this because we know that highly engaged employees are happier, more productive, provide outstanding customer service, positively influence other employees and have a sense of ownership at work.
That’s why our ambition reaches further than just crafting messages and experiences. We strive to inspire the people who matter most by engaging hearts and minds, because if people don’t feel it, they’ll never believe it. And if they don’t believe it, they’ll never do it!


At Bunch, we think that every organisation, regardless of industry, is in the people business.
Our experience has taught us that the quality of communication within an organisation is the single most important contributor to managing resistance and gaining buy-in to strategic business objectives.
Whether it’s during change, transformation or in a business as usual environment, we believe in making complex messages simple, and simple messages exciting.
We’re here to make sure that engagement with your people is compelling and two-way, because we believe that every employee deserves the opportunity to feel connected at work.


Business, like life, is rarely neat, ordered and straightforward. We get this, and pride ourselves on our expertise to deliver communications and experiences that shift the way people think, feel and behave.
Our process is founded on exploring, understanding, developing and delivering outputs that add value and are fit for purpose, while providing a creative execution that cuts through and generates engagement that lasts.
By complementing existing strategies, skills and resources, we work towards an outcome that is meaningful and sustainable, and that has relevance long after our job is complete.

We deliver tailored solutions across a number of areas including:

Strategy activation
Communications planning
Internal communications
Employee engagement
People & Culture programs
Stakeholder engagement
Customer & Trade Marketing
Event production
Sponsorship activation
Brand experiences
Conferences & Expos
Product launches
Film & Content creation
Graphic & Environment Design


Bunch partners with some of Australia’s most iconic and respected organisations across a range of industries to inform, unite, inspire and delight those who matter most.
We’d love to show off everything we do, but the strategic nature of many of our projects means we can’t put them all on our website. However, we’d love to take you through some of our stories in person. You can get in touch with us here.


We’ve been told by our clients that the breadth and variety of our experience, paired with our ability to deliver on time and within budget, is what makes us great to work with. And we’re proud of that.
These are just some of the organisations and brands that we have been privileged to partner with over the last 20 years.

Across sectors. Across categories. Across the globe.



Matt Hannebery

Managing Director

Matt is head honcho here at Bunch. Co-founder and patriarch of the Bunch family, he ensures that Bunch, its offer, its people and its vision are as strong and engaging as possible. He has assembled a passionate, experienced and ambitious team who not only engage people effectively but are engaging people themselves who consistently help our clients matter more to the people who matter most. Oh and he loves football, enough said.


Rowena Horne

Operations Director

Row is the key that unlocks Bunch’s potential. She has her finger on the pulse of what clients need to achieve and exactly how to do it. She’s tenacious, clever, curious and knows just how to pull everyone and everything together when it counts. Mostly this is because she’s been around the traps with a load of experience in sponsorship, PR, media liaison, marketing, fundraising and live events for businesses as varied as Ford, Mars, Telstra, L’Oreal, Wesfarmers and CanTeen Australia. She doesn’t yet know how to save the world but she’s working on it.


Chris Cansfield

Client Strategy Director

Chris is our expert ‘people person’. Engaging people… empowering people… transforming the way people work and communicate. He’s a gun at getting the best out of anyone and everyone.  He uses this unique super power to bring our client’s strategy to life. How? Well, he has 20 years experience in leading International Companies and challenging the status quo to improve business results and performance.  Chris is a Transformational Leader with a multitude of insights to tap into and a powerful vision for the Bunch team. Oh and he loves sport…all sports….lots of sport.


Luke Hannebery


Luke is co-founder of Bunch and our resident blue-sky thinker. He’s helped shape the evolution of Bunch through insight, creativity, passion and first-class professionalism, and will stop at nothing to help our clients through their own evolutions.

With 20 years experience working with highly respected brands like Cadbury, ANZ, Schweppes, AMP, BP, CUB and Telstra, his philosophy has always been to focus on their business strategy and solve their communication problems by bringing strategy to life in the most effective and unexpected ways.

He’s also our favourite guy to have a chat with. Luke knows everyone, is never short of a story, and he will always remember your mother’s cousin’s wife’s name, which is why we affectionately call him “have-a-chat Hannebery.”


Stephanie Bradshaw

Creative Director

Stephanie has been telling stories to anyone who would listen since she was a small child and yet it was the architecture and design world that first sparked her passion. 20 years later, it’s the combination of clever narrative, design excellence, sense of place and relevance that she calls on to create unexpected solutions.

With experience in the FMCG, retail, IT, automotive, health, aerospace and telecommunications industries, Stephanie is well versed in… well … almost anything and  yet she still wants more…



If you’re ready to take engagement with your employees and customers to the next level, or just want to explore how we can help, talk to us!

Email, call or drop by for a coffee (the alley next door is South Melbourne’s best kept secret, especially if you fancy a burger or a tipple)!

Rowena Horne, Operations Director
e: rowenah@bunch.com.au


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