What do you do?

By Zara Karaduman

One of the most common forms of small talk when meeting someone new. Is to ask them, ‘what do you do?’

It’s a question often asked by new friends, acquaintances and the odd hairdresser or barista.

It’s a question we ask to identify shared interests, areas or expertise and what we have in common.

It’s a question a former US president once asked a janitor working at NASA, to which he replied he was helping put a man on the moon.

I find more and more when I’m asked, ‘What do you do?’ I have a very long answer. You see working in the production and delivery arm of Bunch, my role is varied. One day I might be on a video shoot and the next, I’m trying to turn a 200 page strategy document into a one hour presentation, or I’m getting a set of newly created values and behaviours translated into multiple languages.

Here at Bunch, we are a good mix of generalists and specialists. There are times when we need to be able to hone in our skills on one particular task, and other times we need to pool years’ worth of experience and knowledge into creating a multitude of solutions for our clients.

We pride ourselves in our unexpected thinking, how we make the complex simple and the simple exciting and no matter the project, we are focused on bringing strategy to life; it is the core of what we do:

Instead of just creating a set of vision and values for a global company, we understand the thoughts and behaviours of hundreds of staff and translate that into something with meaning and purpose.

Instead of just creating an incentive trip for a group of invited guests, we take those guests on a journey of discovery and understanding of the brand and its core meaning.

Instead of just refreshing a logo, we give a new identity to a symbol or icon, giving it a new meaning and a fresh take on life.

Instead of just designing an exhibition stand, we create a space that people want to visit, stay at and engage with.

Instead of just filming an employee video, we give a voice to the team, providing a space to tell stories about the organisation, their culture and what it means to belong.

And, although we are not helping to put a man on the moon, every day at Bunch we do something big or small that helps our clients achieve their goals!

So when asked ‘what do you do’, how do you answer?