How Your Brand Can Be More Authentic

By Abbie Bailey

How many times a day do you check your phone? 10? 12? 20 times? Try 157 times. And of those 157 times how often do you find yourself absent-mindedly scrolling through a newsfeed?

We check our phones so frequently we are almost impervious to the majority of the content pushed in front of our noses every day. Big brands and news outlets are spending big dollars fighting for our attention with carefully curated content and individually targeted campaigns when all we want to do is spend ten minutes watching a series of cat videos.

Consumers are more immune to advertising than ever before. Whether you own that great big, ostentatious branding splashed across our newsfeeds or try to hide behind the guise of providing a how-to article featuring, very conveniently, only your own products, we can spot the lack of authenticity a mile away. Digital tools are only creating more advertising-immune consumers.

So, how do you stand out in what is the virtual equivalent of New York’s Times Square, with big brand names splashed across every page in neon lights.

It’s simple really. Don’t be a brand. Be authentic.

Keep it Real

When you sit down to write that social media post are you a brand or a person?

You’re a person.

You know how to sell your friends on your latest purchase – a new winter coat that you ‘just had to have’ or the Apple Watch you ‘just couldn’t live without’ – you appeal to your audience, one person to another. Connecting your experiences to their own.

We all live in the same increasingly small world, sharing the same experiences. So it’s not hard to find common ground with your audience.

Keep it Quiet

Try not to think about it like shouting big loud messages to a crowd of 40,000 people hoping someone will hear you; but rather sitting down for brunch with a new friend and selling them on who you are. The closer to home you keep it the more people will listen. When there’s a hushed conversation going on in the corner we all want to know what’s being said.

Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign was a major turning point for the company. They chose to focus on the idea of innovation and left the product entirely absent from the advertising. To find out about it you had to go looking, they left the detail to those who were really intrigued to know. You had to want to be in the know.

Keep it Honest

You’ve got a message to push, and that’s ok. But it’s important to be authentic about it. There’s no harm in identifying the man behind the machine. Whether you’re the Social Media Manager or the Head of Marketing – it’s ok … more than ok. So make it known that you’re there. You’re a real person too and people will relate to that. Forget about trying to be that big brand, leave the forced personality behind and bring your own.

Keep it Personal

I think we can all agree the brand experiences we value the most are the ones that come with a personal touch:

  • When the restaurant chef caters to your ridiculously long list of food allergies and still manages to whip up something delicious and out of this world. Tick.
  • When the florist calls to make sure your Mother’s Day flowers arrived on time. Tick.
  • When your local food delivery service doesn’t introduce themselves as the next big grocers but rather introduces you to the people who will be personally handling your order. Tick.

We’re far more responsive to real people. We can’t help it. We’re inherently wired that way.

Here at Bunch we know that our people are our brand. They’re answering the phones, greeting you at the door and working hard to bring the unexpected to life. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’ll know who we are too!


In order for any of this to work your personality needs to fit culturally within the brand you work for. You need to work for something you believe in and believe in your work. It’s a win-win situation for you and the brand. For more information on this, stand by for our blog on Workplace Culture coming soon.