Fancy Tickler Vol.51

See all potential, Hear all possibilities, Share all stories

Our latest collection of things that tickled our fancy in a slightly tweaked format. Happy St Patricks Day!

We saw…

100 people

What if the world only consisted of 100 people?

A clever idea that is succinctly delivered via a simple, fascinating and effective infographic animation.

Demonstrating with clever animation the power of clear and concise communication, a big yes from us!

We heard…

you should take the lead

This simple and powerful video, created by ad agency TBWA, highlights the gender inequity that still prevails in this industry (and no doubt, most others).

Along with demonstrating TBWA’s creativity, the video – by association – positions the agency as a socially-minded, equal opportunity employer, enhancing its reputation and brand in process.

Great stuff!

We did…

a bunch favourite

This is one of our favourite watering holes to head to for a cold beverage.

Cosy and with delicious food, we hope to see you guys there!

We recommend the:

Sunday tasting plate

And to accompany:


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