Fancy Tickler Vol.48

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Our latest collection of things that tickled our fancy in a slightly tweaked format. Enjoy!

We saw…

Behind closed doors

Good brands create emotional connections.

Here, Dior does it elegantly, employing sensitive visual storytelling to exemplify the craft and care that goes into every pair of its exquisite shoes.

Clever, stylish and beautiful, this short film takes us beyond footwear into the realms of art and artistry; reflecting Dior’s prestigious brand aura and meticulous approach to quality, while evoking a desire that transcends words…

We heard…

Guys defying gravity

If you haven’t followed or seen OK Go’s work, you absolutely have to!

Unique, ground-breaking, inventive and inspiring are just a few words that resonate.

This music video is revolutionising how artists approach music videos. So if you need any inspiration for some whacky ideas, then look no further.

We did…

Pizza in the west

If you are sitting around on a Friday night and wondering where to have dinner? Then click the above link.

It’s a great pizza place snuggled in West Footscray.

We recommend the:

Porcini mushroom pizza

With pear radish and cabbage coleslaw

And to accompany:

Four Pillars Gin & Tonic

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