Are you nailing onboarding?

By Betsy Tucker

Communications Manager

How much will onboarding cost you this year? If you’re smart, more than you think.

Day one

‘Welcome!’ the note said taped to my screen; the signature Bunch bowler hat already photoshopped on to my LinkedIn photo.

My laptop and second screen set up and ready to go. Email accounts and profiles created and up and running. Calendar synced and shared with the rest of the office. And a slim pack of documents on my desk including information to help me get oriented to the area, our culture book and values cards.

An hour of breathing space to walk around the office, meet my new colleagues, get a cup of tea and then into an induction presentation with my new line manager and Operations Director.  The former I’d already met twice – once at my interview and secondly at a pre-start coffee nearby.

A stack of case studies to help me get a feel for our work and a series of meetings set up with my new buddy to get me stuck into the culture and social life (and the all-important skill of navigating South Melbourne market!).

Day one passed in a friendly blur and finished an hour earlier than usual. Perfect for my over-stimulated brain!


Why does it matter? Who cares if you have to fend for yourself during lunch on your first day? Surely it’s not the end of the world? Think again.


While a new employee (me!) has about three months to prove themselves (wish me luck!), the new company (Bunch!) makes its impression in a single day.

It’s worth remembering that 23% of new starters who receive poor onboarding leave in the first year. And when you consider that estimates to recruit come in anywhere from $5,000 to 90% of that employee’s salary, suddenly your onboarding looks a lot more important.

The good news is it’s not rocket science.

The better news is we can help you with it.

How are you currently onboarding in your company? We’d love to hear!