Are early birds the most chirpy?

By Belinda Hovy

I have not moved all year.

My total exercise regime consists of scuttling to and from the garage at home and then the maybe 100m from the car park to the office. I feel stiff and unfit.

So last week I got all inspired despite the weather and rose at some unfathomable hour to have a walk – revolutionary!…well, for me anyway.

I discovered a whole different part of the day that ‘exercise people’ enjoy. There is stillness, yet an exciting expectation of a new day and possibilities. As I walked, my bones moaned in protest of this early morning torture and then slowly I come into contact with the real ‘exercise people’. I am inherently a people person and love learning about what makes individuals unique, so daily I find myself wondering… Are these early risers friendly? Will we say hello to each other? Who should say it first? Do we just give each other a cool guy nod? Or alternatively, will they stare blankly into space to avoid contact because they are in ‘the zone?’.

I find that this is the most enjoyable part of my sorry attempt at exercise – a chance at human connection, communication with a complete stranger, the thrill of ‘the greet’.  There is a connection at this time of the morning that isn’t there during the day, an instant bond between those mad enough to be up at this hour whilst other (lazy) people are still asleep!

In an age where it is being reported that millennials can no longer effectively communicate or interact in the ‘real world’, I am lucky that at Bunch I get to work alongside people who are passionate and dedicated to creating connections – internally within companies, brand to audience, business to business – we love bringing their story to life, to make it human.

How do you make authentic connections in your everyday life?