This wasn’t in my job description!

Author: Belinda Hovy 

Is it fair to be asked to write a blog in your first week of a new job?

Perhaps understandable when the new job is for a communications company in an industry I have been a part of for over 15 years!

Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with a witty creative writing bone. My experience in the past 15 years has been based around the ‘menu & venue’ world. You need an accommodation/ transfer/ catering/airline quote? I’m your woman. You need me to meet with, make happy chit-chat with, walk through a budget and justify to a client? Pick me.

The creative world I have been surrounded by for most of my career has swirled around me like a puzzling vortex of words like ‘strategy, influencers, desired behaviour, gap analysis, communications mandatories’…. Would you like that with entrée or main course?

I have two children; they are three and four this year. They deserve creative and amazing experiences that blow those fresh little minds. Make a paper crown, stick paddle pop sticks on a toilet roll….. I can’t even bring myself to get out the glue.

Lucky for me, I am surrounded by very clever colleagues who love this puzzling vortex and create experiences and programs for our clients that blow their minds. I am in awe and their greatest supporter.

If only they weren’t all so busy doing what they do and could swing past my house for a couple hours ….the kids would love it!!

What creative moment or idea has blown your mind or left you in awe?

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