Things I learnt at TedxMelbourne

Author: Rowena Horne

We should befriend risk.
Could drones save the planet?
“Fascinating” is a useful word.
Is it true that businessmen don’t understand creativity?
How time travel will save the music industry…
That if you have coffee machines set up they should be functioning.
48% of emails are deleted in 3 seconds.
H&M are a potential positive case study for women in upper management.
That you should put yourself in training.
That not knowing how to use a clicker is so 2010.
That Australia has 10,685 beaches.
That the distance between art, scuba diving and outer space is narrower than I thought.
That running late by 2hrs on a Friday evening isn’t a good idea.
That we should embrace the bumble…
…Get comfortable being uncomfortable and
Become Positive Detectives.
Networking and eavesdropping are close cousins.
Engineers can be dream makers.
And what IF play went viral?
Mini moleskine journals are a crowd pleaser.
From genocide to the G – tolerance not fear is part of what makes Melbourne great.
That we might just be living yesterday’s narrative.
One day soon we may learn a language through ingestion…
and 19 year olds can be very wise.

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