The reasons for seasons

Author: Rowena Horne

The wisteria flowers a brilliant purple.

You spot wickets painted onto rubbish bins in thick exuberant strokes.

Crickets chorus. Twilight extends. You exhale and finally feel safe leaving home without an extra layer.

[suhm-er]. noun.

1. the season between spring and autumn, in the Southern Hemisphere from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox.

2. a period of hot, usually sunny weather

But it is so much more.

3. it is the period of finest development, perfection, or beauty previous to any decline: the summer of life.

You smile at strangers. You gather for long lazy afternoons, on a deck, around a groaning table with a full esky to solve the problems of the world. You pack up your family and head for campgrounds or beach houses to spend quality time getting a little sunburnt and a lot water logged with those closest to you. There are music festivals, carols nights and jazz picnic events.

You overlook queue jumpers, magnanimously share tables in beer gardens and wave away flies.
The smell of your neighbour’s BBQ inspires your own.

The pace of life slows. We come together. Everyone relaxes and looks…happy!?

How can we bring a little of this summer feeling into the rest of the year?

Can we capture the stories that evoke this time and this attitude and keep it alive into May? Do I smile less and therefore people respond to me differently in the dark days of August?

Ps: In case you think it is all biological – S.A.D and Vitamin D triggered – it seems not:

Are we happier in summer?

Do summer months make us happy?

Does sunshine make us happier?

What has this to do with bunch?

Well, as creative storytellers who seek to evoke emotion to strengthen messages and affect change, we would recommend harnessing the power of summer to aid your own story…or the power of autumn, spring or winter (watch out for future blog posts)

What are your experiences that scream SUMMER?
And have you had them at other times of the year?

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