The Content Challenge

Author: Sophie Dixon

More pictures, more updates, more blog posts, more, more, more was the nagging commentary from a recent jaunt to South America. A theme that’s been mirrored in the workplace as the demand to keep our social channels fresh, interesting and relevant becomes increasingly important in a digital age.

It’s daunting at first. Generating content for the endless channels available to us is no mean feat but we’ve compiled some tips that we’ve picked up on our social media journey and are working hard to follow ourselves.

Keep it relevant

Content needs to be relevant to the audience you’re trying to gain traction with, whether that’s likes on Facebook, retweets on Twitter or a conversation on LinkedIn. The purpose of each social media channel varies; experiment with them and you’ll soon learn how to tailor specific content to each channel.

Sharing is caring

If you can create compelling content, then it’s likely to be shared, and that’s no bad thing when recently reported that WordPress has blog hits of over 200,000,000 and 500 million tweets are sent per day. Imagine what you’d share and apply that to your posts.

Let your personality shine through

The right type of content can showcase your personality, your own style and make you stand out. Spin unique content into different directions that makes readers step back, start conversations and engage.

Care about your content

High-quality content is key, putting time and effort into the process results in a passionate post that will be read, shared and enjoyed.

Stick at it

Building up a social profile takes time, set goals and create a content plan, the guys over at Buffer offer advice on how frequently you should post per day.

It’s important that messaging is communicated the right way to demonstrate your personality, be insightful, informative and stay true to who you are as a company.

As Bill Gates once said: “content is king” and he’s not done too badly for himself!

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