The Age Quiz

By Zara Karaduman

At bunch, one of our values is to be ‘clever’. This doesn’t mean we all have to have high IQ’s but rather we pride ourselves on being curious thinkers, constantly pushing the way we think, discover and learn.

Most days in the office, the bunch crew sit around our large kitchen table and eat lunch together. This family style environment builds and fosters our peer relationships. We rarely talk about work, with conversation usually focused around what we are eating (food envy is very common!), what we are doing after work, or what we have planned for the weekend.

If we have a quorum of 3 or more (commonly), we participate in The Age daily quiz. Reading from the hardest to the easiest questions (to make us feel clever) the day’s chosen quiz master will read out the questions for participants to shout out the correct answer/s first. When people answer quick and confidently, there is usually a decent story as to why they know that particular piece of information.

In a very competitive office, the daily quiz provides a sense of achievement, engagement and comradery as we try to outsmart our peers and learn something new along the way.

From politics, world history, geography and sports, for 10 minutes each day we are unconsciously striving to better our minds and nurture our workplace culture. It’s activities and exercises like these that can make an office a great and fun place to work, break up the daily grind, and improve employee engagement.

And for those of you who need a few questions see if you can answer these –

  1. What year was the Bowler hat created?
  2. What colour are the G’s in the Google logo?
  3. Excluding Tasmania, which is Australia’s largest island?
  4. What sits on Bennelong Point?
  5. What is the highest selling album in history?

By the way, the answer to the question in the cover photo is Sagittarius.

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