Reflections on Sport and Business

Author: Mark Hannebery

Whilst the spheres of operation for high performing businesses and elite sporting teams are vastly different, there are striking parallels.

Both :

1) have to ensure they select the best group of people to represent the business or team.

2) must develop compelling business or team plans that aim to give competitive advantage.

3) clearly articulate what’s expected from each member, who in turn, commits wholeheartedly to the business or team.

4) face fierce competition in their marketplace.

5) must build short and long term strategies to counter the competition.

6) need to deal with setbacks or failures from time to time.

7) demand hard work, perseverance and determination.

8) are defined in part by rituals unique to them and their focus.

Success in sport and business requires constant ongoing evaluation to improve the business or team performances, year on year.  Over the past 30+ years, I have had the opportunity to meet people who have been part of very successful businesses or elite sporting teams, and in some cases, both. When prompted, they delighted in recounting the excitement, exhilaration and satisfaction they’d experienced in their journeys to success.

For many, the journey had not always been easy or fun, yet despite this, they all felt a deep connection and responsibility to the wider group. In all cases, management had a strong team first imperative. Engagement from management to their teams, and within the teams themselves, was plentiful and honest. There was a resilience mental toughness and focus on performance that was clearly evident.

As I was reminded this week, success never finds you. Instead, you must chase it through hard work and elite habits!

Are you part of a group of individuals or a high performing team with a shared focus and passion?

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