Client Snapshot

Having developed a new vision as well as new values and behaviours required to make it possible, iSelect wanted to introduce it to nearly 700 employees with an approach that stayed true to the distinctive and dynamic iSelect brand.

The Brief

Bunch helped bring the program to life in a way that was fresh, authentic and unexpected. 

Using an approach that featured a staggered series of elements to keep the story fresh, we created videos, a vibrant Festival of WOW (featuring an eclectic mix of food trucks, a silent disco, art installations, buskers, fortune cookies and more) and four weeks of unexpected activities that intrigued, challenged and delighted participants and brought each of the values to life.

Outcomes supported by Bunch

The entire experience was extremely well received and have helped create a real momentum around the values and how they can be made real each and every day.

“We were thrilled with the quality, creativity 
and detail – you absolutely hit the mark” Head of Organisational Effectiveness