Client Snapshot

Energy Australia’s strategic goal is to ensure the customer is genuinely considered in every decision made across the business. To communicate this strategy Bunch created ‘illuminate’, a smart and considered concept that centred the creative territories around the customer being the organisations sun and how everything in EA must now orbit the customer centric solar system.

The Brief

To bring this strategy to life we brought together the business leaders of Energy Australia for an insight driven, two day immersive event. The goal was to deliver an interactive experience designed to create high levels of engagement behind a new focus on a customer centric business strategy.

Over the two day engagement, the customer centricity message was brought to life through a series of videos, activities and ‘meet the customer’, exercises. Immersive facilitator sessions were designed to give the extended leadership group an introduction to what they needed to change, from their behaviours, actions and way they work, to what they need to start doing considering the customer in everything they do.

Outcomes supported by Bunch

The outcome was an overwhelmingly successful workshop that captured the attention of all those who attended. Pre and post event surveys pointed to a high-level of engagement across the board with 80% of EA’s leaders feeling confident in leading a customer centric business approach at the end of the event.