Client Snapshot

The annual Dealer & Regional Conference is a forum for dealers across Australia to align with corporate by giving them insight into the business strategy and nurture relationships with suppliers while giving corporate the opportunity to add value to the “Offer”.

Having successfully executed the conference in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Hamilton Island, Bunch were tasked with raising the bar once again.

The Brief

Proposing Istanbul (a city shaped by trade and commerce for thousands of years) as the ideal destination, we delivered an unforgettable five day experience for over 200 dealers. Our role included comms strategy & delivery, creative design, event production, travel and accommodation logistics, delegate and sponsorship/supplier management, facility management, entertainment, hospitality and other critical elements.

Outcomes supported by Bunch

Effortlessly balancing the old (the conference was held at a former Ottoman palace and the new (we developed a Delegate App for all pre and onsite communication along with a Supplier App to facilitate tradeshow deals), the feedback from head office, dealers & suppliers was unanimous that the event was the most successful yet!