It’s OK…we’ll just Google it!

Authour: Rayna Jeffery

“Just Google it” – a phase that has become part of our everyday language.

Just today it came up around the lunch table while debating the answer to a question in a newspaper quiz – What’s the capital of The Netherlands? The Hague or Amsterdam – Google knew the answer!

Personally, I use it more than I care to admit and would be embarrassed if anyone saw my Google history (not for the reasons you’d expect!). Google doesn’t judge me for my stupid questions about that tricky Excel formula or the lyrics for Bohemian Rhapsody. Come on, we’ve all Googled how to spell ‘definitely’? Haven’t we? Moving on…

But does Google always have the answer? For example, typing ‘event catering Melbourne’ will return 902,000 results and even worse, ‘venue in Perth’ returns 12,600,000 results! Granted we usually only use the first page of results, but when organising events, Google can feel like a very deep black hole that seems to get deeper the further you search. You might be able to narrow your list of caterers down to five but who knows which is reputable and won’t let you down.

Alternatively, a group message to my network of friends in the industry can come up trumps – not only can they recommend a supplier or venue in pretty much any location but also offer advice and speak from experience. I guess it’s like our own version of TripAdvisor, helping each other out – with opinions!

I believe the power of sharing knowledge amongst friends and colleagues is better than any search engine and I hope we all continue to share stories and learn from each other’s experiences.

Can you live without Google?


  1. Merryn

    This is exactly why I devalue SEO keyword stuffing and first page search results over a word of mouth referral. Your tribe’s opinion is consistently more credible than a search engine listing! But, Google is great for those pesky answers you need a quick response to (spelling, random science facts for your child or basic maths equations that were forgotten as quickly as they were remembered).
    Great post!


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