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Author: Matt Hannebery

Live events and conferences are still an incredibly efficient and powerful way to bring sales teams, staff and customers together to build culture and communicate your plans.

Organisations make significant investments of time and money in such experiences yet we often see so many untapped possibilities with the investment.

Destination, venue, dates, menus, motivational speakers and activities tend to dominate discussions. This is what we did last year, so what can we do that will lift the bar this year? All very important considerations. However, the MOST important question that often remains unasked is Why are we doing this event? The answer of ‘because we do it every year and staff love it’ is no longer acceptable.

To realise their full impact, organisations must be clear on the strategic intent of the event.
What do you want those people (staff, dealers, brokers or customers) to know, to feel, to do?

These are the questions that truly matter.

After addressing the strategy, ensuring that the agenda and content are aligned to those objectives is equally critical. Create relevant, interesting, vibrant and emotive content that flows and not only tells a story but gets people deeply engaged.

But it doesn’t stop there.

How many times have you left a major event and felt incredibly excited and inspired yet within one week, those feelings are just a distant memory as you get dragged into a vortex of meetings and emails?

Planning the post-event communications well before the event takes place, allows key messages, along with the energy and enthusiasm created, to live longer. Maximising engagement well after the event has finished is just another way of making the most of the opportunity you’ve created.

To see how we’ve helped a whole range of well-respected businesses turn events into the extraordinary and conferences into genuine commercial value, give us a call or better still, let’s do it live.

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