Author: Scott O’Halloran

Notice to businesses of Australia.

If I’ve found your product or service online, it means you have something that I want.

I’m engaged, ready to buy, ready to become a client.

Is this really the time to put a DETOUR in my path and slow down my movement from consideration to purchase?

I rarely take to my personal social media account to rant about work, you’ve gotta keep these parties separate, though last week my Facebook status read;

Today’s rant to ALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Put your “BLEEPING” number on your website – you are losing $$$ and it’s annoying. #REALLYANNOYING. #BLEEPS

#‎NeedsAndWantsAnswersInstantly #‎ImNotFillingOutYourInfoPage

I think the hashtags make it clearer.

In a world which can barely keep up with convenience, where you push me online to learn about your product or service, all I ask is that you put your contact details on your webpage – not a form that might take me 15 minutes and gives you what you want but makes me #FRUSTRATED – not even an email address with those oh-so-friendly spam preventing codes that might get me a response in 12-24 hours

Pretty please, can you include a phone number? That way I will call you, enabling you to utilise a centuries old marketing tool called human-to-human interaction (#H2H). You can then give me something called #customerservice, answering my questions, helping me learn about your offer and build a relationship in the shortest possible timeframe.

Maybe you’ll even get some business out of it!

Sounds simple, I know…

Oh and while I’m dreaming and asking for these outlandish things, can you chuck in a discount 😉



  1. Maria-Cristina

    Ah! Ah! Ah! I laughed so much! You are absolutely right Scott, it’s hard to believe how many businesses *don’t* include actual contact details in their ‘contact’ page! It drives me insane when I need a phone number and all I find is an email form. My first move is usually to white pages / yellow pages to get the number. And if you are really keen, there is always a forum divulging direct phone numbers (I once even managed to spoke with someone at Book Depository!).


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