Happy place = Happy face

There’s no denying that workplace design plays a role in influencing and shaping employee behaviour.

Google were recently named the best company to work for by Fortune for the fourth year running and having one of the coolest working spaces in the world will have played a part in this decision.

They certainly have an eccentric workplace, with indoor hot air balloons, sleeping pods, slides between floors, food trucks and more… anything that makes outsiders go ‘woah, that’s so cool… I want to work there!’

Not only do ‘cool’ workspaces like this excite people and stimulate inspiration, they also impact the bottom line.

Recent research has examined the psychological impact of design-led workplaces and the results are fascinating.

When a workplace is fun, inspiring and full of character, there is, on average, a 17% increase in productivity in comparison to an organisation that has bare walls and zero ambience.

Not only does the workplace affect employees, it also has an affect on clients, suppliers and other visitors alike – if you have a fun and inspiring workspace, it will be a great representation of your company and culture.

We’ve recently moved offices to an old, converted print factory in South Melbourne and decided to embrace the unique space to create an environment that inspires, engages and provokes great ideas.

We just don’t have a hot air balloon.



Photos by Cesur Sanli: www.cesursanli.com

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