Happy Anniversary to me (you)

Author: Scott O’Halloran

I woke up this morning being congratulated by a stranger on LinkedIn… You see, today is my 3 year anniversary with the Bunch Group.

Bunch is more than a business name to me. Throughout my career here I’ve worked with a real bunch of…individuals.

All who have helped me to love (bear) Excel, budgets, numbers, early meetings, late nights at the desk, 19 hour days on site, TIGHT timelines, documentation and oh so much more.

We say (complain) in this industry that people don’t see us packing 600 bags in tiny rooms, doing 52,000 steps in one day on site, having nightmares about your event, not sleeping because you are worrying if you forgot to download a backup video to a USB, getting 3rd degree burns on your feet during a beach set up and having to ‘press on’ one more day…all the glamorous things that make a project a reality. I reckon it’s not me that gets this done, but the guys and gals that I’ve worked with that have made the hard times and good times both pretty kick arse.

Driving to work, I was fantasising that I’d be given roses, spearmint leaves and a bottle of rum. Reality was, I still had a desk to sit at, amongst some talented individuals. Same as every other day – employers that allow me to live my personal life through my professional life…

A job that has taken me to Europe and back, all over Australia and possibly to Adelaide a few too many times.

Today’s anniversary is a ‘cheers’ to everyone that I’ve worked with. My employers, past and present colleagues, clients and our numerous suppliers.


*Now, where’s that rum?

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