Food Glorious Food

Author: Zara Karaduman

Having spent years working in hotels and venues, I know that a reputation for great food is often the sole reason a client considers any given venue.

The more points of difference you can offer the better.

There is no excuse anymore for a gala dinner that offers a dried piece of meat covered in gravy, or a cocktail party where standing by the kitchen door to attack the poor waiter is the only way to get something substantial to eat.

In a time where food porn is very much a ‘thing’, restaurants are designing their food with social media front-of-mind. Guests (and the public in general) are now more educated on food than ever and food trends are as popular as fashion trends.

With this in mind, guests are looking for something more, something different. They’re looking for menus created and served by celebrity chefs, deconstructed old favourites, and food that not only looks good on the plate (and in an Instagram feed), but contains produce that is sustainable, local and innovative.

So, when a client of ours requires an event, we can expect them to want all of this and more.

They want ‘cutting edge’ and they want food that reflects elements of their brand, culture, product and vision.

In the last few years, Bunch has written countless briefs for chefs and caterers; often long pages detailing the style of food required the type of produce to be sourced, and creating different ways to serve it.

From cocktails and canapés on conveyor belts in the middle of a room, to chefs as waiters getting out amongst the guests to tell taste-bud-tales of what is on their plates and palettes, we’ve seen and done it all.

We know a menu can make or break a brand experience, and often determines its success. So, rather than being a secondary element at your event, food should be a key player.

Get the food right, and you will create a memorable and engaging experience that helps tell your brand’s story, and will leave your guests saying: “please sir, can I have some more?”

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