Fancy Tickler Vol.49

See all potential, Hear all possibilities, Share all stories

Our latest collection of things that tickled our fancy in a slightly tweaked format. Enjoy!

We saw…

clever technology

The ultimate interaction between technology and human expression.

A combination of digital media, seamless choreography and sound…Results? Creative impact unleashed!

As a business focused on engagement, we give it a big thumbs up!

We heard…

Wander Victoria, your new advertisement has our team in disarray…

Some say that it’s odd, some say that it’s beautiful, others are still staring at the screen blankly.

Love or hate it? Give it a watch and let us know your thoughts.

We did…

a lunch on an island

Need to escape to an island?

Then head down to Philip island, see the penguins, wind down with a walk on the beaches and stop in for some food.

We recommend the:

Eggs Benedict

And to accompany:

Latte or coffee of your choice

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