Engaging Theatre

Author: Romi Kupfer 

Descending on Melbourne from Sydney, Calpurnia Descending carried some heavy expectation and delivered. Not only was the acting phenomenal but the use of tech is really where I want to scream how innovative they were from the rooftops: a live feed on a TV and projector screen; use of sound heavy and foreshadowing and a green screen integrated – live. Yes they had a green screen on stage that they were using live – projecting onto a movie screen covering the opening of the stage.

Yes it’s a little confusing to explain but boy was it mind blowing.

Dare I leave out that they were in drag for 99.9% of the show, and they were nothing short of fabulous.

Nowadays in theatre there are more and more efforts to ‘one up’ each other. A constant pulse of competition to use innovative thinking and theatrics to engage audiences.

Malthouse Theatre, for the most part does keep us engaged – I do say the most part as sometimes things don’t float your boat and that’s ok, we are all different and have different tastes. But I think this message is pretty clear, it is about grabbing the attention of your decided audience and keeping it there long enough to leave them with your message.

Calpurnia Descending, written by Sisters Grimm, was an inspiring gripping performance by Paul Capsis and cast, Aussie theatre is definitely keeping us on our toes! Looking forward to the 2015 Season we see exciting and challenging new works lined up.

Please let us know if you have seen anything that has blown your mind and truly engaged you (or the opposite?!). We’d love to hear about it!

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