Does low budget = low passion?

Author: Steph Bradshaw

Putting your heart on the line for a dime.

It’s occurred to me over the last few years that budgets have been tight. Clients need the same ‘cut through’ ideas executed for less money or across more channels. The pressure is increasingly on us to be smarter and to effectively do more with less.

I work on a wide variety of budget sizes. Some are challenging. Others are roomy. But all come with increased expectations year on year. The thing I find myself contemplating is; Do we give less? Less passion, less smarts, less knowledge? The answer is a resounding, “No.”

Small budget jobs are often more challenging and require more research, more time and more experience. Doesn’t all this take time? Isn’t time equal to money? So, if not for money, what makes us push forward?

I recently read an article on workplace motivation. Surprisingly, money ranked quite low. What was much more important was feeling valued, working with inspiring people and on projects that are satisfying.

I believe the employer/employee relationship is similar to client/agency relations. When you have a dedicated, passionate and inspiring client who values your hard work, input and creativity (not to mention being genuinely nice), how can you not give them your all?

To all the small but mighty jobs. You have my heart, I just wish I had more time!

Ever had to do something mighty with little time and no money? Let us know how you found your passion.

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