Creativity is for the brave

Author: Steph Bradshaw

Every business in the business of managing creative team members knows the challenges surrounding the constant requirement for meaningful creative output.

We’ve all known those moments of dread, an anxious team, a looming deadline and nothing special on the table… yet!

There are a ton of articles counting down ways to better induce creative thinking.

When is the best time? What is the best environment? Which methods and research should you explore?

Then there are the theories surrounding the effects of pressure. Time pressure is good for creativity vs. time pressure cripples creativity.

It’s a minefield out there.

You want the honest truth?

You need to be very brave to enter a creative profession.

Great ideas aren’t something you accurately time nor predict and they’re not always the result of tried and true methods.

It’s often very subjective and you can’t always logic your way into an audiences’ heart and mind.

The true ‘aha’ moment reflects the culmination of every experience you’ve ever had, combined with a willingness to let it all go.

Whether you get ahead or not in a creative industry isn’t just about working harder or smarter.

It’s mostly about being the most brave.


Because all groundbreaking ideas require a level of courage not previously attempted.

And let me tell you, that’s scary!

So spare a thought for the poor creative person working on version 13 of that document/design/edit.

She either hasn’t had her moment yet or if it did appear, it may have been overshadowed by a not-so-brave team or even a not-so-brave client.

Share your creative challenge with us. How do you or your team bravely unravel their creative potential?

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