Creative people have more sex.

Author: Stephanie Bradshaw

It’s apparently true and based on actual research. But now that I’ve got your attention I’m going to make a huge (and perhaps unpopular) statement.

Everyone can be creative!

It’s not confined to the few in your company who have managed to get the word into their job title. In fact creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

We’ve shown you the following information before, but it’s worth a rehash. In the late 60s, a study was conducted to test the creative thinking of 1600 5-year olds. They were then re-tested at age 10 and again at age 15.

The results were incredible:

Among 5 year olds: 98% demonstrated creative thinking.

Among 10 year olds: 30% demonstrated creative thinking.

Among 15 year olds: 12% demonstrated creative thinking.

The results of the same test when given to 280,000 adults? Just 2%! Somehow we’ve learned how not to be creative.

Creativity is all about references and time. It is the act of making new connections between known components, so the more you know, the larger your reference library will be. In short, expand your world whenever you can.

Then step back, allow yourself the space to problem solve, make connections and craft stories. Be less productive for a while, put the smart device down, shut down Google and go for a walk.

This is one way you flex your creative muscle.

This blog is an appeal to you all. Thinking creatively has the potential to enrich everything you do. But you need to work at being more creative, no matter how much you believe you already are.

There is currently a great deal of information available on all the ways you can practice creativity daily.

So if the extra sex isn’t motivation enough, creativity will also make your life more interesting.

Everyone can learn to be creative, so start flexing your creative muscle now. Because when it works, it’s beautiful.

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