Come Dine with Me

Author: Rayna Jeffery 

With Valentine’s Day approaching, what a great excuse to write about love!

There are a lot of things I love – family, friends, music, dancing, food?

FOOD, oh how I love food.

Like most Melbournians, I love dining out in all the wonderful restaurant delights this beautiful city has to offer.

Some might call me a “foodie” – a term I’m not a fan of. It seems a little? Pretentious?

But if that’s the word we’re using these days to describe people who love to eat great food, I’ll run with it.

Hello everyone. My name is Rayna and I am a foodie.

Of course, it’s not just the food. It’s the whole eating experience that I love.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to enjoy the 8-course menu at Dan Hunter’s amazing Brae Restaurant in Birregurra.

An experience from beginning to end – from the burnt pretzels snacks to the “barbecued wallaby not barbecued”. And who’d have thought you’d be eating a parsnip for a dessert and absolutely love it!

While some of it challenged the comfort boundaries of what I’ve tasted previously, it was all a memorable experience and there were just enough culinary surprises to keep me smiling throughout the night.

Just as important to a memorable night are the aspects that some restaurants overlook or fail to get right across the board – warm inviting décor and comfy seats, amazingly friendly and professional service, beautiful bathrooms and quality but unobtrusive music.

Dan’s success, built on wowing diners at his previous job at the revered Royal Mail in Dunkeld, has enabled him to step out in his own business at Brae and is a reminder that if you make a customer’s experience memorable, you can build the type of brand loyalty that is a must for most businesses.

Now, where will I be heading this Saturday night?

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