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Think about the amount of times you have walked into a shop and interacted with the staff. A lot right? Because of that, it isn’t often that you remember particular service from a particular store. It takes a pretty unique experience to create a lasting memory.

We all remember times when we’ve experienced service that wasn’t up to scratch, there are hundreds of them. In saying that, we know that we aren’t perfect ourselves and in our own work roles, we can also have a bad day.

At Bunch, we do our best to treat our clients to the best experience we can deliver. To do that, we have a very clear brand promise, rock solid company values and a group of people whose job it is to engage people, so we make sure they’re all engaging people themselves.

The below BOOM moment reminded us of the importance of our own client service. It is brought to you by our graphic designer, Nicola. It highlights the importance of customer centricity in a crowded product segment.

This memory took place in a cosmetics store, where the service was so impressive it’s become a fond memory. 

Nicola Tegart

“Recently I had an awesome experience with (cosmetics store) Aesop.

A friend and I walked in, we were greeted with smiles and friendly conversation.

I got speaking to one of the assistants about how I had little knowledge on what products I wanted/needed.

She told me that the products I was holding were not suitable, as opposed to trying to sell me stuff I didn’t need.

I was then provided with a personal skin assessment, during which the girl didn’t push anything on me… even recommending the smaller bottles to try, instead of just steering me towards the larger ones to score a bigger sale.

She explained each product to me and gave me a sample of each on my hand, which pretty much felt like a free hand massage.

My friendly store assistant also wrote everything down for me; which products to use first, second, and so on, and she also wrote down her own personal tips on how to use them.

Meanwhile, my friend had become pals with the other Aesop assistant. They were enjoying a nice cup of tea together and exchanging information on good places to eat.

All in all, we were there for about 20 minutes, and frankly, we didn’t want to leave…



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