Building A Home

Author: Matt Hannebery

My bucket list is brimming with a variety of travel destinations, mingled in with some physical challenges and uniquely personal experiences. After a coffee recently at a new nearby café, my goal of one day designing and building a new house rose up the ranks of my bucket list.

I had driven past and watched the construction of Porters Davis’ new World of Style unfold for past few months. In development it looked interesting so I had just had to see it.

I walked in the main door and was warmly greeted with a smile by a pleasant lady dressed stylishly. I told her that I was going to have a coffee and a look around.

An old converted warehouse with exposed brick and timber beams filled with a series of vintage artifacts – this is designed to be very cool.

In some ways, it was an adventure – lots of interesting spaces that flowed but still had to be found. From a variety of soft furnishings, bathroom designs, light fittings, kitchen bench tops and outdoor decks….I wanted them all.

I was totally immersed and found myself thinking more about house style and layout than I’d ever done before. This was exciting! I thought…’I must get my wife down here to see this’.

I sat down and had a great coffee in the attached cafe as I continued immersing, dreaming and reflecting on what I had seen and sensed. Unfortunately, it was all spoilt when reality struck and I remembered that I still have a mortgage to service and kids at secondary school.  Reality bites!!!

This simple visit to a nearby café, however, reinforced to me the power a total brand experience. The environment, the style, the smell, the story and the people had all worked together to create a lasting emotional connection with me.

I’d never thought too much about who I’d get to build my future house but right now I know exactly where I’ll start once that mortgage and those bloody school fees are paid!

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