By Bunch Collective

As a company that strives to change human behaviors and attitudes, our measure of success differs from many corporations. It’s not easy to change human habit so as a result, your ideas often need to be very bold. Ideas need to have enough impact that an individual firstly sits up and takes notice and then secondly, changes the way they have done things before, potentially the way they have done things for years.

We pride ourselves on our creative thinking, the ability to craft a concept that makes the penny drop and the glass shatter for someone. Creative thinking that makes someone stand to attention, pump their fist and think, “Boom”.

We call this our Boom Index, and moving forward, it will be an important measure of our success as a company.

Over the next few weeks, our blog posts will focus on what Boom factor is and feature memories of when our own staff were blown away by a provider that made them think, “BOOM!” This way, you can gain an insight into how we want to make our clients think and feel.


Our first boom moment comes from Brylie, our Client Strategy Manager. 

I had a little boom moment each and every time I made contact with the operations and events managers’ throughout the planning for my wedding.

Every time we made contact, they remembered us.

They remembered our favourite wine.

They offered that particular wine to us, each time we met.

They remembered what we thought of each meal when we did our food tasting… weeks later.

They remembered my friend who liked the chardonnay – that wasn’t on the menu for the wedding, but they opened a bottle anyway without being asked on the day, just for her.


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