A truly focused customer service experience!

This a BOOM story about AirBnB, but the startling thing is that they obviously share at least three customer service principles with Bunch. See if you can spot them on the way through?

By Rowena Horne

After making a recent AirBnB reservation, the host wanted to add on an extra cash charge outside the system = dodgy.

When we reported it through the website, AirBnB came straight back and made an appointment to call and discuss the issue in more detail.

They called when they said they would, were helpful on the phone and immediately sent a follow-up email detailing the efforts they would make and their next steps. (Hint: this might be number one…)

Part of their offer was to take over my accommodation search and find something comparable in the area during the period we’d originally booked.

At that stage I wasn’t too confident, thinking everything had probably been booked out while we were ‘back and forthing’ with the dodgy guy. It was a peak period for Brazil and we had left it a little late…

However, AirBnB kept their promise and found us a suitable place.  (Count = two)

When we finally went ahead and booked it, they also gave us a $100 voucher (not for use then necessarily, but anytime in the future).  (Yes, this is number three)

All this was between people who have never met and was very global – we were in Melbourne, Australia, the property was in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the service rep was in San Francisco, USA!

They crossed time and language barriers to ensure we had nothing negative to say about our AirBnB experience – and ended up actually giving us a POSITIVE story worth sharing

Do what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it, explore the true problem, make a clear set of actionable next steps…these are the basis of Bunch’s project management philosophy (and just being a reliable human being really).

Make it Happen, this is one of Bunch’s values and is all about being persistent and finding a path to overcome obstacles, whatever they turn out to be.

Exceed expectations. We do it with our unexpected thinking. It isn’t always about a freebie or kick back (though who doesn’t love those) but it is about putting yourself if the customer’s shoes to work out what you would want in their place – and then hopefully going just that little bit further. More and more frequently we are working with our clients on helping their businesses be more customer centric, something we feel AirBnB has pretty well under control.

Simple, obvious maybe, but always effective!


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