A love of connection

Author: Adam Mortimer

Motorcycle touring is one of the most engaging and experiential pleasures imaginable: the elements, the increased awareness levels, the senses engaged, the diversity of places and people.

As 2014 disappeared into the distance, we motored excitedly into 2015, touring several thousand kilometres crossing the finest mountain ranges, valleys and sweeping open highways. With the Triumph engine humming (yep, a big fan), inside the snug confines of my helmet, thoughts came to mind.

While riding I like to sing, but aside from that vocal pleasure, parallel ideas relating to safe passage when touring, destination planning and the numerous pressures that influence people, brands and businesses today kept appearing.

With each wheel rotation, the kilometres reeled in as we constantly adjusted our course and prepared for wildly varying conditions. Preparing for the unknown, planning for possible outcomes, connecting to everything around us and asking What if..?

Motorcycle touring fuses the demands of physical, environmental and mental challenges. One factor in particular is ‘object fixation’: the phenomena that dictates that when individuals lock eyes on something and target fixate, they are prone to steer in the exact direction of their gaze – such fixation is often cited as the ultimate cause of collisions.

The art and science of riding dictates the rider look beyond the immediate area and into the outcome – almost leading with the head (and heart) into the direction you want to go – not simply the space right in front of you.

Discipline, focus, preparation, scenario planning, navigation, adjusting course and rituals define both distance touring and business performance. It’s not a matter of directly controlling the elements, but rather realising you are connected to how you navigate safely around pressures and influences with minimal impact while staying on course.

Are you object fixated on certain things? Is your focus on the right things or taking your attention away from the meaningful? Have you asked: What if? and planned for different scenarios?

What if there were unexplored opportunities to connect with the people who matter most to you. After all, it’s in your control.

It’s said that four wheels move the body and two wheels move the soul.

As they say, shiny side up!

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