Author: Rowena Horne
A digital journey retold in pictures (and bumper stickers): an AIME presentation on Trends and Innovation.

Any misinterpretations are mine, apologies to the esteemed presenter.


Pic 1

The world is halfway on the digital journey and
about to stop dipping a toe in the shallow end.






Pic 2

But can we swim?

Sharpen up, be ready for the following.







Pic 3#1 Trend: Intelligent Data

Data is the new oil






Pic 4

Privacy is the new green.
(scary territory)







open book

Data can – and does – tell a story.








Pic 6 We need to be making data driven decisions.












Pic 7

Accept that we don’t need to be perfectionists (or we’ll never start, let alone innovate).






Pic 8 Disruption is the new digital redistribution.










Pic 9

Passive data collection is the new black











 #2 Trend: The customer @ the heart

Pic 10Know them.












Frictionless payment systems exemplify this.







Pic 12Airbnb has commercialised couch surfing.

 [Despite security concerns, this is next hit prediction in this vein]







Pic 13

The CMO and the CIO are merging to create the super CDO.
 (Chief Marketing Officer, Chief IT/Information Officer, Chief Digital Officer respectively)




Pic 14

TV networks are slow to innovate- that’s why their survival is threatened.














Pic 15

LinkedIn knows more about your people than your HR department does








Pic 16 Then he said this…







Pic 17 And this…







Pic 18And wrapped the segment with this..

Behave like an entrepreneur




PS: http://www.lego.com/en-us/

Pic 19 Then there was Q&A:

Which industries are embracing in this space?
 Banking and finance – innovate or die (or become irrelevant)

And who’s not?
Engineering, IT and Tech!




Pic 21 And my conclusion:





Pic 22I’m going to keep watching!

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